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Data Protection Officer

For Data Protection Officers and other professionals interested in obtaining or maintaining a Europrivacy Certification.

Qualified Implementer

For experts and consultants who have completed the Europrivacy Academy Implementer Course.

Qualified Auditor

For Auditors who have completed the Europrivacy Academy Auditor Course. and wish to act as internal or external auditors for GDPR certification.


Europrivacy Alert Messages

Europrivacy Certification Scheme Updates

European jurisprudence and regulatory changes

National Regulations changes


EP Online Library

Europrivacy Certification Scheme + updates

Europrivacy Core GDPR Criteria + updates

Complementary Contextual Checks and Controls + updates

National Regulations and Checks and Controls + updates

Europrivacy guides and manuals

Templates for DPOs

Templates for Implementers

Europrivacy policies

Template for Auditors

Useful links

Europrivacy Reports for Auditors


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Hotline for partners

Market Insight

Additional services for official partners

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Monthly Fee

(€1020 Yearly Subscription)

The Europrivacy Community website seeks to support its community of experts in making data protection compliance swift, efficient and reliable.


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