Europrivacy suitability for European accreditation approved by the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA). The EA decision enables certification bodies to complete their accreditation under Art. 43 GDPR in all EU/EEA jurisdictions and start delivering European Data Protection Seals under GDPR Art. 42. 

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) encourages the use of certification to demonstrate compliance with the regulation. Such certifications must satisfy two conditions. It must

1.   use the criteria approved by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB);
2.   be delivered by a certification body accredited under Art. 43 GDPR.

Europrivacy criteria have been officially approved by EDPB in October 2022 to serve as the European Data Protection Seal under the GDPR. It is the only official GDPR certification scheme whose criteria are officially recognised by all EU and EEA jurisdictions. Since then, many companies and organisations have started using these criteria to assess and document compliance of their data processing with the GDPR.

In February 2023, the Italian accreditation authority ACCREDIA developed the first Art. 43 GDPR accreditation procedure for Europrivacy, in accordance with the requirements established by the Italian Supervisory Authority. ACCREDIA then brought its procedure to the EA in order for other national accreditation bodies to take advantage of the Italian effort.

EA has now completed its assessment and validated the suitability of Europrivacy conformity assessment schemes for accreditation purposes at European level. Thanks to EA and ACCREDIA, certification bodies can now request their accreditation across all EU/EEA jurisdictions in Europe to start delivering official European Data Protection Seals.

Europrivacy enables data controllers and data processors to:
✔️ Reduce risks, by checking and documenting their compliance, and by using certified service providers; 
✔️ Value compliance by certifying and communicating it; 
✔️ Enjoy and enhance their compliance with online resources and tools. 

Our ambition is to bring research and innovation to the service of data protection by making compliance more efficient, valuable, and enjoyable. Building trust and confidence!valuable, and enjoyable. Building trust and confidence!

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