We are proud to announce the release of the revised version of Europrivacy certification scheme general specification and requirements. This new version takes into account the comments and feedback received from our partners and supervisory authorities. It brings several important enhancements to make the process of GDPR compliance assessment and certification more efficient and enjoyable, including:

1️. Reorganising the document structure in four parts to make it more user-friendly;
2️. Inclusion of new definitions;
3️. Text improvements and shortening by eliminating duplicated information;
4️. Simplifying some processes;
5️. Refocusing the document on regular data processing certification;
6️. Adapting the scheme to non-EEA certification requirements specified by EDPB;
7️. Complementary specifications of testing procedure, sampling, multi-site assessment, use of suggested means of evaluation, handling of minor non-conformities, and transfer of certificates;
8️. Revised specification of certification bodies licensing and accreditation.

The new version of the scheme, as well as a description of the changes made since the last official version, are available in the Europrivacy resources and community website: https://community.europrivacy.com/dashboard-experts/

Europrivacy enables data controllers and data processors to:
✔️ Reduce risks, by checking and documenting their compliance, and by using certified service providers;
✔️ Value compliance by certifying and communicating it;
✔️ Enjoy and enhance their compliance with online resources and tools.

Europrivacy certification is transforming compliance costs into a intangible asset and source of value creation:
▶ to build trust with your clients and B2B partners;
▶ to serve as a competitive advantage for your sales and marketing teams;
▶ to communicate with shareholders and financial analysts.

Building trust and confidence!

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