While non-compliance can get a high visibility, the effort of compliance is often invisible and perceived as a cost by data controllers and processors. The European Data Protection Seal, Europrivacy, provides a comprehensive methodology to facilitate and value GDPR compliance in a smooth, efficient, and rewarding manner. It’s simple:

1️. To start with, you can access a whole set of online resources to use Europrivacy, including the Europrivacy Academy, the Europrivacy Community and Resources Website, and a Welcome Pack of services. Through the main website, you can access a large ecosystem of official partners, including global consulting and law firms, solution providers, and certification bodies who are ready to onboard you in a first-class journey to compliance and certification.

2. You select priority data processing activities and start documenting their compliance with the officially recognized criteria. It enables you to identify and address potential residual non-compliances and it generates a well-structured documentation of compliance in case of control. By doing so, you reduce risks for data subjects and for your own organisation, including legal, financial and reputational risks. It reinforces your accountability. You can even use the official criteria to structure and homogenize your compliance management without necessarily aiming at certification.

3️. Once the documentation is completed, you choose a qualified certification body to certify the compliance of your data processing. It enables you to build trust and confidence, and values compliance by turning it into an asset, a potential competitive advantage and a source of revenue for companies. It recognizes the compliance efforts achieved and enables you to communicate it. Your daya subjects will know that your certified data processing activities have been impartially audited and will be regularly checked to maintain trust.

4️. Finally, you take advantage of the Europrivacy online resources and community to continue enhancing and enjoying compliance.

Independently of the above, you can also reduce your surface of risks at no cost by requesting your processors to certify their services with the European Data Protection Seal, in line with Art. 28(5) GDPR.

Our ambition is to bring research and innovation to the service of data protection and compliance, and to make GDPR compliance more efficient, reliable, and enjoyable. Building trust and compliance for all.

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