Europrivacy and the European Centre for Certification and Privacy were delighted to participate at the Privacy Symposium conference in Venice, Italy during June 10-14, 2024. The conference brought together close to a thousand experts and authorities in data protection and regulation.

The conference provided an opportunity to discuss the future of data protection certification and to present Europrivacy, the official European Data Protection Seal for GDPR approved by the European Data Protection Board. Highlights from the sessions included:
• Lessons Learned on Privacy Certification
• European Data Protection Seal: First achievements and perspectives
• International Data Protection Certification: Challenges and Opportunities
• Making Compliance and Accountability Enjoyable
• GDPR, CBPR, and CoE Convergence on Certification
• Certifying Data Protection Compliance in Practice
• International Data Protection Certification: Building Trust in Compliance Beyond Borders
• Comparing Appropriate Safeguards Mechanisms: Certification, SCC, BCR, and CC
• International Recognition of Data Protection Certification
• Transfer Impact Assessment in Practice

It was also our great pleasure to meet with the Europrivacy partners in Venice. Last but not least, it was the opportunity to deliver the first European Data Protection Seal to PwC Luxembourg. The certificate was formally delivered by TAM Cert in a ceremony during the conference.

Europrivacy certificates are delivered under Art. 43 GDPR and become valid once registered in the Official Registry of Europrivacy Certificates managed by the European Centre for Certification and Privacy. It enables everyone to check and authenticate certificates.

Building trust and confidence.

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