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What value does Europrivacy bring for data subjects?

Europrivacy certification intends to provide an independent, impartial, and reasonable assurance level of data processing compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation and, where applicable, with complementary data protection requirements, such as national regulations or domain-specific requirements. 

In line with Recital 100 GDPR, Europrivacy allows “data subjects to quickly assess the level of data protection of relevant products and services” and to have the assurance that certified data processing:

  1. has been independently controlled and certified by a qualified certification body;
  2. complies with the Europrivacy criteria as a fair indication of GDPR compliance;
  3. benefits from appropriate technical and organisational measures;
  4. effectively respects the exercise of their rights and protects their freedoms;
  5. is subject to regular audits and inspections led by independent auditors.
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