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How does Europrivacy address domain and technology specific risks for data subjects?

Europrivacy has been developed to provide a comprehensive certification able to deliver a reliable assessment of compliance with the GDPR in general, but also to address domain and technology specific requirements in terms of data protection. Having been developed in the context of the European research programme Horizon 2020, it benefited from the expertise of the European research community to identify and address technology specific risks related to GDPR compliance. 

All Europrivacy certifications must comply with a set of Core GDPR Criteria, encompassing the core obligations of the GDPR applicable to all data processing. Additionally, the auditor must apply complementary criteria to assess the requirements associated with specific technologies or application domains that are present in the Target of Evaluation. These domain and technology specific complementary criteria can be further extended to address the evolution of technology and associated risks for the data subjects. 

That is why ECCP maintains close links with the research community and ongoing European research projects in areas such as artificial intelligence, distributed ledger, eHealth, smart cities, connected vehicles and smart grid to name a few. The Europrivacy International Board of Experts gathers experts in data protection as well as experts in emerging technologies (i.e., the President of the IoT Forum, President of IPv6 Forum, ITU Rapporteur on emerging technologies, etc.) and in certification. 

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