The 1st European Data Protection Seal under GDPR has been officially delivered to PwC Luxembourg. The Europrivacy certificate has been formally delivered by TAM Cert in a ceremony at the Privacy Symposium Conference in Venice.

Europrivacy certificates are delivered under Art. 43 GDPR and become valid once registered in the Official Registry of Europrivacy Certificates managed by the European Centre for Certification and Privacy. It enables everybody to check and authenticate certificates.

What does a European Data Protection Seal mean?

1. It is recognized by 30 countries: all EU and EEA member States and their respective national supervisory authorities.

2. It enables to check and document GDPR compliance of data processing.

3. It reduces the risks for all parties, including data subjects and data controllers willing to share data.

4. It enables to focus on priority data processing activities, and progressively extending the perimeter of certification. You can put first things first.

5. The certification transforms compliance and DPO work into a source of value creation.

6. It reduces efforts, costs, and risks for data controllers using certified services (Art. 28 GDPR).

7. Certification is about effective compliance. It ensures that compliance is more than a commitment: certified data processing are regularly audited by independent and qualified professionals.

8. Certification is recognized as a means to demonstrate data protection by design and by default.
9. Europrivacy certification is extendable to complementary regulations to avoid multiplying your certifications.

10.  Europrivacy addresses technology-specific obligations and risks for data protection, such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and blockchain.

11.  It demonstrates good will and is a mitigating factor in case of administrative fines.

12.  Last but not least, Europrivacy is supported by a global ecosystem of partners, including the largest law firms, consulting firms, certification bodies, and solution providers in data compliance who are listed on Europrivacy website. It is also supported by a whole set of online resources, including an Europrivacy Academy and a dedicated community and resource website with templates and practical guidelines to make your journey to compliance enjoyable.

Don’t miss this new opportunity and request information through the Europrivacy website to front run the demonstration of compliance:

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